Support Styles

To support the individual needs of children’s feet, Piedro developed four different support styles.

Support Styles

Four types of Support Styles

  • Rehabilitation
  • Stability
  • Reverse lasted
  • AFO


  • Avaliable in widths 1½ to 8½
  • Made on extra depth lasts
  • Medial and lateral extendes heel stifners to provide extra foot support
  • Removable, anatomically shaped footbeds
  • Adaptable


  • Avalibe in widths 1½ to 8½
  • Fixates the subtalor joint and stabilises the talocrual joint
  • Made on extra depth lasts
  • High and extended corset stifners
  • Removable,anatomical footbeds
  • Adaptable



  • Available in narrow - regular - wide fittings
  • Made on specialist footwear lasts to ensure the correct position of the lower limb is at 90˚
  • Additional space provided at the front and heel
  • Can accommodate stock or custom Ankle Foot Orthoses (AFO)
  • Adaptable 

Reverse Lasted

  • Available in widths 4½ and 6½ only
  • Specialist last shape
  • Extended medial stiffener to prevent the foot progressing further into adduction
  • Made on extra depth lasts
  • Removable anatomical footbeds
  • Adaptable