What is the difference between Piedro Fashion Footwear and Piedro Therapy Footwear?

Piedro Fashion Footwear is factory-tailored targeting everyone who values quality and a good fit, whereas Piedro Therapy Footwear offers (customized) solutions for people dealing with foot problems due to physical ailments. However, both brands target children as well as adults, value quality and follow the latest trends.

Where can I purchase Piedro Therapy Footwear?

Please go to our webshop and select your pair. Piedro does advise that when you think you need a pair of Therapy shoes or adapted shoes that you contact your specialist. 

What is the Piedro Therapy Footwear product range like?

We offer a wide product range, from stability footwear to rehabilitation footwear and from inlays to shoe accessories. In addition, we offer footwear adaptations that are carried out on site by first-class technicians using Piedro® high quality materials and components for the best possible match.